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    Air Control Heating & Cooling is the hardest-working HVAC repair service in the Grandview, MO area.
    If you need a new AC or furnace installation, there's no better choice to install it than us!
    Our knowledgeable team is capable of handling any heating or cooling challenges your property might face.
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Ac repair
AC Repair

Bring the heat to an end with our AC repair service. Our air conditioning experts don't mess around, they get right to the root of the problem. Whether you need some minor AC tune ups or a completely new AC installation, we will work with you to get you satisfactory results.

Heating service
Furnace Repair

When winter comes, you'll want a warm, comfortable place to live or work in. If you're in the Grandview, MO area, our furnace repair and installation is the perfect solution. All the furnaces we work on are functional, efficient, and safe.

Air conditioning
Thermostat Replacement

There are few things more frustrating than an HVAC system that doesn't respond to your commands. Our system inspection can discover what's wrong. Often the answer is an outdated or damaged thermostat control. We'll help you out with a thermostat replacement that fits with your system and your budget.

Carbon detector
Carbon Monoxide Safety Checks

Many heating systems run the risk of leaking carbon monoxide, often without your knowledge until it is too late. Our carbon monoxide safety checks ensure your home is completely free of poisoning hazards. We also install carbon monoxide detectors so you can get an advance warning if a problem arises in the future.

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